Health tips: 4 must apply tips for runners getting ready for their first distance race
There are so many reasons why we run, some run for competition while others run for the fun of it. But whatsoever be the reason, there should be proper preparations before engaging in it so that there won't be any form of injury.

Here are 4 tips that will keep you zooming while doing what you like.

1. Know thyself

Let me say that as our faces are different, so as our body capabilities. Trying to double your usual training distance because of a competition in a day will only put you at high risk of injury. Instead of doing that, try putting up a training plan that will gradually make you achieve your aim within a given period of time. For example- if you have a race in few weeks and you think you have not covered such distance, try taking maximum of 10% of the total distance in a week or days as the case may be.

2. Give yourself between 16 and 20 weeks to train

The duration of your training plan depends on your current fitness level and the distance for which you are preparing. Twenty weeks is a sufficient amount of time to let your body and lifestyle adapt to a training schedule. The longer time frame also allows some flexibility should any unexpected events like sickness occur, which may delay your training schedule.

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3 Ask for support and motivation

It depends on the reason why you are running- if you are going for the competitive track event, you should atleast endeavor to hook up with a friend that it's really good at running and maybe even better than you but not equally engaged in the running competition. Running with him will make the whole training process lively and enjoyable.
Every competitive event/activity requires a motivator or mentor. You must have a person that has achieved it before you so that you will be confident in yourself that it is achievable.

4. Practise along the real running course 

Once you have built up your endurance, see if it’s possible to run the race route on your training runs. These are a rehearsal for the real thing, so test out what will work for you on race day itself.

As race day approaches, you might feel nervous, but don’t lose your confidence. Think about how you have been readying yourself for the crack of the starting pistol and enjoy the experience.

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