Apple takes second position as this Company ranks number one In Global Smartphone Market share
A report from TrendForce has it that Samsung has secured the top position with a 26.1 percent share. The report content says that Samsung's Galaxy J made it to be realized by propping up its sales in the first quarter of 2017.
Apart from the increment in sales, the series also helped Samsung reach the top position in terms of global smartphone production volume market share, at 26.1 percent. Apple on the other hand came in at second position, with a 16.9 percent share.

According to the report, 307 million smartphone units were produced for the first quarter of 2017, which is a 23 percent drop from the previous quarter. The fall was attributed to seasonality, however, predicts that production volumes are likely to remain. 

In the last quarter (Q4 2016), Samsung managed to obtain a market share of 18.5 percent while Apple had a lead with 20.3 percent in global smartphone production volumes. For Q1 2017, Apple saw a decline in its smartphone production volume by 36 percent compared with the previous quarter.

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As regards to the new Samsung Galaxy S8, TrendForce claims it will have a minimal impact on the market, "Samsung has also released its flagship device for the year Galaxy S8 this second quarter. However, the high-end model is expected to make limited sales contribution because the buzz surrounding the next-generation iPhone devices is dampening demand for products from non-Apple vendors. Samsung is expected to post flat growth for its second-quarter smartphone production volume."

Besides Samsung and Apple retaining the top two positions in global smartphone production volume market share, Huawei saw a rise in its market share securing 11.4 percent this quarter, and standing on the third spot. Oppo (8.1 percent), BBK/ Vivo (6.2 percent), and LG (4.6 percent) hold the lowest positions with significant decline in their market share compared to the previous quarter.
 LG's production volume fell by almost 40 percent compared with the prior quarter, with TrendForce citing a seasonal effect on demand. Its shipments should benefit from the arrival of the G6, the report added, predicting Q2 2017 will see 18 million smartphones produced - similar to the same period last year.

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