We have 1.2 Billion monthly active users- Facebook messenger
The messaging platform of Facebook named Facebook messenger is likely going to have more users than WhatsApp and twice as many as Instagram because it seems interesting than the both.

According to Facebook's David Marcus speech on Wednesday, More than 1.2 billion people are now actively using Messenger on a monthly basis and it's about twice as high as Instagram's monthly active user count.

With the recent features added to messaging apps, it is of no doubt that it will one day become the most preferred because it is easy to use, understand and also sophisticated.

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 For its part, Messenger continues to add services to keep its audience in the app. Most recently Facebook announced it has enhanced Messenger's peer-to-peer payments capabilities, enabling users in the app to send or receive money between groups of people.

Earlier this month, it rolled out M, a limited version of its AI assistant that offers help with a handful of specific tasks. And last month, Facebook introduced a new feature that lets Messenger users share their their real-time location with another person or a group.

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