Delta airlines rolls out facial recognition technology

The Delta airlines Inc is now in the fore front of using the facial recognition technology to match fliers with their passport photos during the self-service bag drop-off process.

This facial recognition technology will appear for the first time at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer and is widely talked about as a time-saving measure for customers: Self-service drop-off stations have been shown to process up to twice as many customers per hour.

Going by this, the new feature will free up agents to help travellers with other matters and for the record, Delta becomes the first US carrier to launch a biometric-based bag drop machine.

 In a statement by Gareth Joyce, of Airport Customer Service and Cargo, "this is the next step in curating an airport experience that integrates thoughtful innovation from start to finish."

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Just like the Delta airlines,  British Airways became the first UK airline to launch facial recognition technology in a bid to speed up the boarding process for domestic flights at Heathrow Terminal 5. The modus operandi of this is that as passengers travel through security, a biometric device captures their facial features and their boarding pass.
The image is matched with another facial scan taken at the gate.
Travellers can then scan their own boarding pass at the gate and proceed directly to the aircraft.

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