Style in motion; an app that adds 3-D characters to your pictures and videos

Holo App picture

 Hello, there is an app online that allows you to make your picture background more complex than what it used to be, meaning that it will allow you to experience AR through your smartphone and also turn your normal pictures into sci-fi-like images.

 The App can be found and downloaded from Google Play and App store free of charge.
This wonderful App was made by the AR/VR company 8i. With this App, animated characters and people can be added to your pictures and videos. And they look kind of real as well. While the app gets stuck sometimes, considering the pros it offers, you can just ignore that. As for now, the app still needs some works done to it. For example, sometimes the characters don't sync well with your picture.

So, in that case, you would have to find out a way to make it work. Now talking about the positives, you can download various characters from the in-app store and each of the characters comes with a specific animation. There's more, 8i has said that it would update the app's content on a regular basis by adding new 3D models, objects and effects.
The Holo app is compatible with iPhones that run on iOS 10. In Android, it will run on devices running on Android 5.0 and later versions.
Naturally, we are pretty excited about this new app. Maybe it is not perfect yet, still, it is a great app to pass your time. Hopefully, we will get to see more apps like this in near future. As we all know, AR is the future.

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