Honda promise to unveil Level 4 autonomous cars by 2025

Honda car

Honda, an automobile company has made its vision known to all after pledging to be among the long list of companies that will be unveiling autonomous driving vehicles in the next few years.
The Honda's vision is to achieve Level 3 of SAE's autonomous driving standards by the year 2020, and follow up with Level 4 autonomous driving cars by the year 2025.

While it may be a bit behind a number of other manufacturers planning to put autonomous cars on road, Honda is possibly planning to make it error free than rush ahead with its plans to meet industry timelines.

With cost of production in check, it will be synchronising its R&D efforts with its manufacturing division. Also, Honda will be able to gradually roll out advanced driver assist and safety features to its cars, leading to the Level 3 autonomous vehicles by 2020.
Honda Car
The company will also be electrifying its vehicles at the same time, with the company looking to have at least two-thirds of its vehicles as hybrid, battery-powered electric or hydrogen fuel cell-powered, by 2030.

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Recently coming from Honda, Honda jazz in india, has advanced driving safety features, marking a future trend where most mainstream vehicles will include advanced, intelligent driving features.

In terms of electrification, Honda has its luxury sedan, Accord plying as a hybrid vehicle in India already. It may be possible that the Accord will be among the very first Honda cars to get the company's advanced driving feaures, seeing that most companies begin rolling out sophisticated features on their flagship models.

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