How to free up large chunk of space on your iPhone or iPad

Apple free up space trick

One of the annoying situations you would not like to be in is looking for a space in your iPhone or iPad to store data.

This may lead to letting important moments and information to pass you by. But never worry about that because this article will put you through to get enough gigabytes of space staring at you.

Straight to the 'How to'

Photo Stream

Photo Stream is a medium Apple uses to allow you to take a photo on one device and make it accessible on other devices.
What you need to know here is, the photo gets duplicated and end up eating the wanted storage space.
Tap on Settings > Photos & Camera and switch off iCloud Photo Sharing.

Wipe out old text conversations

Old text conversations consumes some certain amount of space, delete is the only option here.
You don't have to delete them manually, you can get iOS to do it automatically.
Head over to Settings > Messages and then scroll down and tap on Keep Message, and there you can set how long messages are kept.

Downloaded music optimization

If you still want to keep some music then Apple has a built-in setting that you can use to help keep your downloaded music under control/
To find it go Settings > Music > Optimize Storage, and then flip the switch to turn it on and then choose how much minimum storage you'd like iOS to try to maintain on your device.

Delete downloaded music

Music can really build up on the iPhone, but fortunately it's easy to find and delete what you don't want.
Tap on Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and find Music or Apple Music (depending on which one you use) on the list. From there you can swipe left to delete individual songs or you can swipe on All Songs at the top to delete everything.

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Find out what's eating your storage space

There's a quick and easy way to find out what's eating your storage space in iOS - tap on Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and under Storage tap on Manage Storage.
 Here you get an overview of the space used and space available, plus a listing of all the installed apps, arranged in which ones are eating your storage space the most.

If you find something here that's particularly terrifying, such as I have a lot of Podcasts, tap on it to get a screen that allows you to swipe left on the stored data to delete.
Some apps will not allow you to delete the data separately and you'll have to delete the app too.

Streamline photos and video

Here are a few tricks to optimizing the photos you take.
Tap on Settings > Photos & Camera and here you can toggle off Keep Normal Photo under HDR (since this is likely to be a washed out version).
You can also set video and slo-mo quality - for maximum storage space set video quality to 720p HD at 30 fps and slo-mo quality to 720p HD at 120 fps.

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