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Pinterest proffers ways to avoid being hacked

Pinterest is an online platform where you create an account to share informative pictures, sometimes with referring links to a web page.

 Just like instagram, you can follow and being followed by other users, you can also pin your picture and someone re-pins it on its own wall.

Recently, Pinterest has been said to be housing about 175 million active users monthly.

The latest information about this picture sharing social network is that they have taken three measures to protect its users account from being hacked.

Review of logged in devices: 
In this section, the apps security settings will reveal to you a list of devices logged into your account. It is now left for you to remove the device(s) you dont understand how it originated.

Email notification for new logins:
Just like some social networks, Pinterest will notify you through an email for new logins.

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 The email will contain name of the device and location. You are also given opportunity to reset your password if the device and location look strange.

Two-mode authentication: Although not quite new, this pattern of security check will text you a verification code to enter each time you log in. All plans being perfected, we should be expecting the above mentions next few weeks.

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