Facebook records two Billion Users

A report coming in has it that the biggest social network in the world, Facebook has hit a jaw dropping amount of two billion users on its platform.

This indirectly means that over one quarter of the worlds population now make use of facebook every month.

According to a post made by the founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg, "as of this morning, the Facebook community is now officially two billion people.

This indelible achievement is coming just after 13 years of its initiation when the founder was at Harvard University.

Due to the vision the founder has, he had to pull out of Harvard to make his vision visible for all to appreciate.
The worlds social giant announced that it had one billion monthly users in October 2012, meaning it has doubled the number of its users in just under five years.

He told USA yesterday that the firm had not made "much fanfare" about hitting the two billion figure because "we still haven't connected everyone".

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"What we really care about is being able to connect everyone," Mark said.
The firm's spontaneous growth has put pressure on its ability to moderate violent and illegal content posted on its site.

The most recent high profile incident involved a man in the US posting a video of himself to the site, showing him shooting and killing an elderly man.

Last month Facebook said it was hiring 3,000 extra people to moderate content on its site.

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