AI Takes a New Language Humans Dont Understand

Incase this is new to you, artificial intelligence systems can now play games, drive cars, trade stocks, write moviesand communicate in a secret language humans dont understand - oh yes.

Just for a communication to be complete, the initiator must speak or give a signal that the receiver must clearly understand.
This article presents some cases that show that artificial intelligence has taken a new dimension in terms of its language within a stipulated course of time.

Last year, Googles AI researchers discovered that their Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) program purportedly developed its own internal language, or interlingua. Self-professed geek and translation enthusiast Gedalyah Reback in January refuted Googles claims, suggesting that the systems neural network is advanced, but its abilities are being exaggerated.

Within a single group, we see a sentence with the same meaning but from three different languages [English, Japanese, Korean], according to a November 2016 Google Research Blog post.

This means the network must be encoding something about the semantics of the sentence rather than simply memorizing phrase-to-phrase translations, the tech titan said. We interpret this as a sign of existence of an interlingua in the network.

If Westworld must have seen our future then artificial intelligence has ways to go before robots and humans reach a level playing field.


But AI may already be more advanced than we thought: In June, Facebook reported a similar internal language between two dialog agents developed to negotiate.

The Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) team had to use whats called a fixed supervised model (trained to imitate humans)because bot-to-bot discussions led to divergence from human language as the agents develops their own language for negotiating.

Agents will drift off understandable language and invent codewords for themselves, Dhruv Batra, visiting research scientist from Georgia Tech at FAIR, told Fast Company earlier this month.

Its important to remember, there arent bilingual speakers of AI and human languages, Batra said.

With these, AI should be regarded as a tool that requires your effective and mindful attention.

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