Google Tests Autoplay Videos in Search Results

Although this will generate a lot of discomfort from certain people with certain views but it worths trying out.

Google is currently experimenting with autoplay videos appearing in search results.
Google confirmed such a test was being carried out to Search Engine Land after it was spotted by TheSEMPost.

Below shown image is a screenshot of the search results layout when autoplay video is included:
Google autoplay layout
From the screenshot above, the video appears on the right of the search results page and is of course related to what you are searching for.

So this will be of utmost benefit to publishers who are promoting a new movie, TV show, or video game and want their trailer seen as much as possible.

It won't be of any sort of disturbance, the videos are muted and only play through once. If you want to hear the video or have the urge to watch it again, it requires a click or tap.

For now, Google is only rolling this test out to a very small number of users.


In reaction to a question about this latest development whether it will become a parmanent feature of search results by Search Engine Land, a Google Spokesperson said that "we are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the search experience for our users, but have no plans to announce [the feature] at this time."

So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for a better internet search experience.

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