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The latest Windows 10 preview allows you link your phone and PC

The latest Windows 10 preview build (16251) for PCs will surely let you link your phone and PC.
If you can recall, Microsoft talked about equipping their windows' 10 software so that it would link your PC to your smartphone.

For the two devices to link to themselves, you need to link your phone (Android at the moment) and PC to the same Microsoft account.

 To do that, you’ve to first nominate your phone in Windows 10 (under Settings > Phone), wait for Microsoft to send you a link to get the Microsoft Apps mobile app, install said app on your handset, and then sign into it with your Microsoft account.
After doing the above, you can start reading a webpage on your phone and select the “Continue on PC” option in the Share pane to bring up two more options: “Continue now” and “Continue later”.


The former will open up the webpage in the Edge browser on the linked PC; the latter will file the link to the Action Center so that you can open the page at a later time. Link sharing is just one of several cross-device scenarios Microsoft is working on; more capabilities like cross-device copy and paste is expected to be added as time goes on.

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