Toyota creates a new side airbag for all of its production

Toyota new side airbag
Toyota new side airbag
Toyota has come up with a new side airbag for all of its products no matter how big or small it looks like.

This was made possible by the effort of Toyoda Gosei, a company that manufactures automotive components and Toyota holds a 43% stake in the establishment.

The newly created airbag is equipped with a 3-bag structure for instantaneous deployment and efficient impact absorption in high-speed crashes.

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The upper rear bag and lower bag of the structure deploys first, after which the upper front bag inflates at low pressure to gently protect the chest.

As earlier mentioned, the airbag fits a variety of vehicles, regardless of size.

The airbag is in use on the all-new ’18 Toyota Camry and is scheduled for use on approximately 2.5 million vehicles annually.

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