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6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Eyes

The eye
The purpose of this write up is to reveal to you the things You Should Never Do to Your Eyes.
The Eyes can be termed as one of the most delicate parts of the body. It is our window in which we view the world (surrounding).
If you engage in one or more of the listed never-to-do tips, you are then warned to halt it before it will hurt you.

1. Wear makeup to bed: Sleeping in eye makeup can clog glands around the eyes, raising your risk of skin irritation, pimples, and styes. Do ensure that makeups are removed before you sleep.

2. Overdo drops: carefully carried out research has shown that redness-reducing eye drops make eyes appear normal by temporarily shrinking blood vessels, but there’s a catch. The drops tend to have a rebound effect, meaning they actually make redness worse in the long run. If red eyes are an ongoing issue for you, see your doctor for a diagnosis—and a more sustainable method of treatment.

3. Sleep in contacts: Even the “overnight wear” contacts can block oxygen from your corneas, potentially resulting in infections and corneal ulcers. Sleep lens-less for any snooze that’s longer than a quick nap.

4. Skimp on eye exams: Be sure to get your eyes checked annually. The once-yearly exam can help eye doctors spot abnormal peeper problems, like a broken blood vessel or tumor that you’re less likely to detect on your own.


5. Apply liner to your waterline: Putting eyeliner inside your lower lashes is risky, since the makeup can mix with your tears, coat contact lenses with particles, and in turn transfer bacteria into the eyes. To be safe, stick to putting eyeliner on outside the lash line only.

6. Forget to check your products: Using cleaning solutions, contact lenses, or eye drops after they’ve expired is sure to be less effective. Always make sure your products are still usable, and pay special attention to contact lenses, which tend to break down thanks to the sterile solution they sit in.

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