How to attract Users to your published App on Google play store

How to attract Users to your published App on Google play store
Have you published a game or any App on Google play store and you are looking for users that will hit the download button? Then this is for you, but first, I will like to point out that this is not mainly for Games, this article covers all mobile device's applications published on Google play store and also little computer system software promotion tips.

Just for knowledge sake, App is a short or abbreviated form of the English word "Application". It can be defined as a software program that can run either on computers or on mobile devices like phones, tablets, etcetera.

App is sometimes designed to carry out a certain duty directly for the user  or designed to assist another application to carry out a task.

Apps can come in different types to suite a particular job or task. The types of Apps are

Web App - this type of App is seen on remote server and through a browser interface, it is delivered over the Internet.

Native App - this can be found on our computer systems, it is designed to function on a given platform or device.

Legacy App - this type of App can be referred to as Foundation Apps, because the language used in their coding system is inherited and also the platforms on which they are used and the techniques of usages are earlier than current technology.

Hybrid Appfrom its name "hybrid", there is a combination. This type of App has the combination of Native and Web Apps. It is mostly used in mobile computing.

Killer App - this App knowingly or maybe unknowingly gets you to buy the system the application runs on.

It is quite discouraging if after a production has been made by you and people don't get to see it, it is mind derailing. Sorry, we are not here to focus on the inability of the game or App to get downloaded but our attention is on what you must do to get it to the world to download your App and see the beauty of your creativity.


Let me state categorically, that what I am about to reveal covers all mobile devices Apps published on Google play store but without or maybe minimum download. This issue will be tackled with just 5 strategic steps and your App will get seen by lots of targeted users.
How to attract Users to your published App on Google play store
  • App Store Optimization:- As Google places sites with higher rankings on the Google search engine first page, so as Google suggest Apps with higher download to Google play store users.

The reason why most apps are suggested to users is because, the publisher used "App store optimization" to get it suggested to users. Have you heard about Keywords? If you haven't then the time is right for you to start using it.

Making use of keywords for the purpose of getting your App downloaded means including the words or a short sentence your potential customers are using to find apps similar to yours on the title.

You should make use of heavy keywords that are mostly used to get your competitors Apps visible to users. There are some other factors that are considered for an App to rank well but you don't have any say or power over it. Some of the factors include - number of downloads, Ratings etc. You can learn more about App store optimization here.

  • App Review & Ratings:- I don't really have much to say about this but bear it in mind that if your ratings and reviews are high, you will surely get high visitors Which in turn generate traffic and downloads. You don't have any say in this, allow your ratings to grow naturally.

Note- Google has updated their Algorithm to fight fake ratings and reviews so, it's not advisable to manipulate your ratings and reviews because it will be blocked and removed.

  • Get install For App (CPI):- it is very important to get  Cost Per Install (CPI). It provides an information for how much it cost to generate a single app install on a smartphone or a tablet. Android and iOS platforms have different CPI.

  • Submit app on Top webistes(App submission):- why confining your app to certain region when you can get the whole world to see it by submitting it to app promotion sites.

There are thousands of sites looking for apps to promote, contact them and relax, they will get the job done for you after reviewing your App.

  • Social media:- this is the last but not the least. Social media have played an important role in last three decades by bringing people of different background views together. Create accounts on such platforms and advertise your app there. Perfect examples are Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Rome was never built in a day, it takes constant application of App store optimization, keywords usage, app promoting to get users download your App.

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