Walking Is a better way to Burn Body Fat Than Running

Have you been thinking that you can't keep fit because you don't have the strength and the endurance to jog or run? Have you lost hope in your dream of attaining a certain shape because you think that running or jogging is like being punished? This is a good news for you because a new alternative has been found.

Study has shown that walking Is Apparently a Better Way to Burn Body Fat Than High Intensity Running.

From a celebrity personal trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak, you will burn more calories per minute with more intense forms of cardio like running, more of these will come from non-fat sources in your body. But if you want to work on shifting some of your excess fat, low intensity cardio is your guy because it heads straight to your fat reserves and starts burning there.

Harley also said that it's not the best idea to always stick to high intensity work-outs; they make you more hungry afterwards. "You hear people after a spin class, they get out of there and they're ravenous. And they go have a gluten-free scone and a fresh-pressed, sugar-laden juice," says Harley. The more you eat, the more calories you're gaining again, which essentially defeats the object of having worked so hard in the first place.


He equally buttressed his point with stats; an average American will only walk around 4,100 steps per day, whereas those who live in some of the world's healthiest countries have a much higher average of 10,000. So hike up that step count and you'll be on your way to getting slimmer.

Nutrition Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN, did justice to the study and topic by saying that moderate-intensity exercise may be beneficial for fat cells and high intensity training may be beneficial for boosting metabolic rate. "But ultimately, the workout that works best for you is one that you actually enjoy doing enough to keep you busy and happy coming back for more — a.k.a doing it regularly."

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