How to compose 280-character tweets right now without being eligible for the new feature

Unlike most of the popular social media sites with lots of users, Twitter is not built to accommodate all of your thoughts or tweets at a single post.
It is limited to only 140 characters which directly imply that your tweets must be precise and straight to the point. Twitter doesn't have much writing space for users to express their thoughts elaborately but that doesn't seem to be a problem because lots of users are now acquainted with the social media platform.

Not long ago, some selected users discovered that they can tweet twice as much as they used to do at a time. This means instead of tweeting 140 characters, they could go as far as having a tweet containing 280 characters. Are you among the selected users? If "NO" is your answer and you wish to use this feature then chill and follow the outlined steps to get your 280 character tweet. 

Note: Steps shown below is exclusively for desktop version of  Google Chrome. The Code is created by a Twitter user, Prof9

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser and install a mini extension by name "TamperMonkey", its job is to make improvement on the browsing experience.

Step 2: Go-to GitHub page containing Prof9's script referred to as Twitter Cramming.


Step 3: install the script by clicking on the Raw button. Don't get discouraged if it seems nothing happened, or if clicking the TamperMonkey icon in your Chrome toolbar reveals no scripts running.

After completing the installations of TamperMonkey, go-to GitHub page and click Raw to add the Twitter Cramming script to Chrome.

Step 4: Your 280 character tweet feature is ready for you to use. Login Twitter and start tweeting,  as usual your character counter will stay frozen at 140, but you should be able to type a full 280 characters, at which point you will see the usual red "you've gone too far" indicator.

As scripts cannot be trusted, the installation is at your own risk.

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