The 5 best iPad or iPhone scanner apps you should have in your mobile device

As time goes by, techniques and ways of doing things become easier and faster, most of the tech gadgets or software we have in this century never existed couple of centuries ago. iPhone and iPad mobile devices have been made to multitask by including scanning Apps in them.

You will agree with me that hard copy documents are slowly phasing out mostly in the developed world, reason being that hard copies are not easily reached, can be easily lost and spoilt by whatever you can think of. Apart from that, hard copies occupy a lot of space.

When the idea of Scanning documents was initiated, people started making use of it due to it solved most of the challenges encountered in hard copy documents. Unlike the hard copies, scanned documents can be easily reached by opening the folder with either your computer or your mobile phone device. Also, scanned documents can't be spoilt, but it can be deleted if the owner of the document wishes.

There are various ways in which documents can be scanned, one of them is the use of Electricity powered machines widely known as scanners.


The machine is being operated by placing the document you want to scan within the boundaries of the transparent glass material and close the machine lid, press the scan button and a green light will pass bellow the document which then, the document appear on the computer screen. One of the disadvantages of this pattern of scanning is the portability of the devices involved in the scanning process, it can't be moved around easily.
The 5 best iPad or iPhone scanner apps
Kudos to our determined iPhone and iPad App developers out there who made it possible for the burden to be lessened by creating Apps that can scan hard copy documents instead of the usual hardware scanning gadget. All it requires is the use of the powerful iPhone or iPad camera via the scanning App to take a picture of the hard copy document and it will appear like a type written soft copy document. This type of scanning is a true definition of mobile scanning system.

Here, I will let you know the 5 best iPhone or iPad App Scanners that you can use for your day to day office or non office work.

√ Scanner Pro

When you talk of turning hard copy document into a clean and professional soft copy document, scanner Pro is the right choice.

With the powerful magnifying camera of iOS devices and scanner Pro, hard copy document edges and geometry are easily selected, and visual defects neatly removed to achieve a perfectly scanned document.

√ Prizmo

In the world of iOS scanning Apps, Prizmo is seen as the most advanced. Prizmo iOS App scanner has the ability to convert text documents into editable text files.

It can scan any type of hard copy document and also, it has the features of converting PDF or JPG file into a text file, ready for you to edit. But the defect Prizmo has is that some characters can be easily misplaced with symbols.

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√ CamScanner Free

CamScanner free is known for speedy scanning process. You can tag, delete and upload scanned documents to cloud services. As the name implies, CamScanner free is totally free and can be downloaded in iOS App store.

√ Genius Scan

Genius scan is one of the leading free iPhone or iPad App scanner with cool adjustment tabs to enable you get the best scan possible.

With Genius scan, scanned documents can be saved in any file format and it can be accessed by document readers, meaning that it is compatible with other Apps that reads document in the converted file format.

√ TurboScan

Just like Genius scan, Turboscan is compatible with document readers, and it has an outstanding feature that has the capability to allow you take 3 pictures of the same document, and combine them for the best scan possible.

With Turboscan, you can scan multiple pages and combine them into one document.

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