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4 Health Guides Every Guy Needs to know Before Going to the Bar

Here, simple and easy going guidelines have been laid out to enable you control the excessive drinking you experience while at the bar.

You may have plans of taking either one or two bottles but base on circumstances which you think are beyond your personal control, you would see yourself taking up to a carton, quite bad.

Below, are the 4 Health guides a guy who wants to rock the bar can use to avoid endangering the body organs and Note, these guidelines were determined by a proper research.

• Always take water

Researchers have always Advised that one glass of water be taken between every alcoholic drink you have for the night. This guide will make you not to be weak when you wake up after sleep.

• Eat Before a Night Out

Before setting out, always remember to Eat, so that overeating after drinking would be avoided


4 Health Guides to know Before Going to the Bar

• The maximum number of drinks required

Many don't know how to press the stop button when they start drinking and that will lead to drinking to stupor. It is medically advised to keep your drinks to 10 or less a weak.

• Desist from drinks with sugar

Most of the heart diseases results from high sugar intake; sugar from gin, tonics, cokes etc. Apart from the heart, it condemn the teeth, liver and kidneys. Therefore,  Health advisers have proposed that sugar intake should be limited to 9 teaspoons which is 36 grams of sugar a day.

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