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This era of technology has made virtually all our used to be tedious activities now simple and fast, starting from communication, transportation and down to marketing.

Marketing or commerce can be simply termed the buying and selling which involve the exchange of goods and services from one person to another, or from one person to a body(company), or from a company to another company, or maybe between government and any of the mentioned above.

Have you been thinking of opening a shop that will reach a certain targeted consumers without undergoing the stress of going from place to place or sitting at a particular point waiting for people to buy from you? Have you heard of Shopify? If you have been thinking of that and have not heard of shopify then this is for you.

Shopify is an online platform that gives room for retailers or product owners to create a site for their business and market their product from the platform. Shopify can be said to be an online shop and just like the traditional shop, you can setup your online shop by carrying out the following tasks:

  • Web hosting

  • Front end design/template

  • Payment processing

  • Interfaces to third-party Applications

  • Sell your products

  • The technical aspect of the business will be taken from you by Shopify.eCommerce Platform Shopify


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Just like shopify, there are other online shop providers that allow anyone to sell on the internet as far as small businesses are concerned, they are VersaCommerce, Jimdo, and Lightspeed.

To setup your online shop on Shopy, a 5 simple steps are to be taken to achieve this and they are as follows:

Step 1: The registration section

The registration of you and your business can be done freely without any hiccups. Enter your name, name of business and other personal information required.

Step 2: Create your products

You can achieve this in two ways; creating the products individually or by CSV import. Make sure to give your products specific title and description, and also attach quality product images, sort your product into categories, tag prices and shipping options on them.

Step 3: choose your design and layout template

Next step to take is making your shopify shop look beautiful and welcoming. Do this by selecting one of the 10 free shopify themes or selecting any of the 45 paid templates which costs between $140 and $180 per theme. Apart from using the shopify themes, you can make use of an already customized theme which is not of shopify.

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Step 4: Select domain and tariff

While choosing a domain in this section, it is not advisable to register a .com domain directly with Shopify. To create a shop in shopify, buy your domain from another web host and then connect to Shopify.

Step 5: SEO implementation

Finally, although not necessary but it is crucial to optimize your products for it to be seen by search engines. This should be done for each of the products.

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