Our Electric truck won't break for a million miles - Tesla

The Tesla boss, Elon Musk has assured us that his company's new "beast of Burden" known as "Tesla Semi" will not break down for one million miles of driving. He gave this assurance during an event in Los Angeles which he said the truck will be faster and relatively cheaper to operate by 20 per cent when compared to a diesel truck.
 Electric truck Tesla

According to his speech during the event, he stated that “We designed the truck to be like a bullet." He continued by saying that Tesla Semi's drag coefficient is 0.36, which is less than some super fast cars. The implication of this specification is that it can go from zero to 96kph (60mph) in 20 seconds while hauling a full 80,000 pound load. The truck can reach 96kph (60mph) up hills with a 5 per cent gradient.

Musk told the assembly that the truck is designed to have one engine on each of its four wheels, this unique design will prevent jack-knifing as automation ensures each wheel does what it takes to avoid such Scenario and also, braking energy will be recaptured to charge the batteries.

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Talking of the Range, it is 800km (500 miles) fully-laden and travelling at 60mph which Musk called a “worst-case scenario.” He said that range will suffice for 80 per cent of round trips. “Megarchargers" will be installed for longer trips which will add up to 400 miles (643km) of range in 30 minutes. Equally, he promised that those facilities mentioned will be solar powered.
 Electric truck Tesla

To guarantee Visibility and safety, the sole seat will be designed to be at the centre and also, to guarantee that the vehicles stay in their lanes, Autopilot will be built in and enabled. In addition to the Autopilot tech, if a driver is incapacitated, the truck will park itself and call for assistance.


 Electric truck Tesla

Elon musk further explained the uniqueness of Tesla Semi by saying that the truck can move in a convoy,  “where one or several Semi trucks will be able to autonomously follow a lead Semi.” Musk said that this  will deliver freight at a lower cost than rail transport.

The price for the "Tesla Semi" has not been named yet but Musk told the audience that the truck will go on sale in the year 2019.

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