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What a third party App is and How to disable third party app download on android

 Third party App is a term mainly linked to phones and tablets and as a reader of this post, you have been wondering what it is and how to identify one if you see it. A third party App or Application can be simply said to be an App created by an App creator (company or individual) that is different from that of the manufacturer of the device and/or its operating system.

How to disable third party app download on android

To further clarify you, third party apps are seen on third party stores or websites which are not affiliated with the device or operating system. These Apps are created by its vendors and sent to official app stores other than Google (Google play store) or Apple (Apple’s App store) for review and approval. This imply that Apps such as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat could be considered a third-party app depending on their sources of download.

  • How to identify native Apps in the midst of third party Apps

For knowledge sake, Native Apps is virtually the opposite of third party Apps. Unlike the third party Apps, Native Apps are Applications which came with the device and is of or created by the device manufacturer or software creator.  Examples of some selected native Apps for iphone are iBooks, iTunes, iMessage.

The nativity of the App is as a result of its creation by a specific manufacturer for that manufacturer's devices. Apple and Google are device manufacturers. Apple manufactures iPhones and adds applications such as iTunes to it while android mobile operating system is owned by Google and, Gmail and Google Chrome are added to it. iTunes, Gmail and Google Chrome are called native Apps. In addition, most of the native apps in android operating system have duplicates in iPhones and iPad offered through Apple’s App Store.

  • The Disadvantage of Third-Party Apps

There are numerous reasons why third party apps are not used or restricted in some services and some of them are lack of trust and security threat posed by those Applications. Third party apps are mostly associated with security risk which is, they are prone to hack or account duplicate if you have any with them.  Third party apps are not totally bad but a user should be mindful of the risks involved.

  • How to disable third party app download on android

After knowing the difference between a third party app and a nativity app, you can easily disable the download of third party apps by following the under listed procedure. 

 First of all, go to “Settings” from your app drawer or menu list

Scroll down and tap on the “Security” tab

From the list of options in the security list scroll down and look for the “Device administration” tab

You will find an option of “Unknown sources” from the Device administration tab

If the “Unknown sources” option is ticked, then your device is open for downloads from third party stores and marketplace

To avoid downloads from third party stores and market places, untick the “Unknown sources” tab

After carrying out the above procedure, you will be notified when a download action is to be taken from unknown stores or market places

You can easily go back and tick the “unknown sources” tab if you wish to download third party Apps.

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