Are you looking for a way to increase your Endurance and Stamina? Then read this

The two terminologies, “Endurance and stamina” are mostly used together when people engage in health related chat. The words are used to rate how physically fit a person is, and running is mostly used as a yardstick to determine whether a person has stamina and also, how long a person can endure. He or she may have endurance but no stamina or stamina but no endurance, and the two requires energy from the body.
Nevertheless, you can top up your endurance and stamina by engaging yourself in some certain tasks which will not in any way have a negative impact on your health. You, as a lover of health fitness may know some of these tasks or to-do things and if you know nothing about it and wish to increase your endurance and stamina for whatsoever purpose, then carefully read the following routines to achieve your aim:

Learn-how-to-increase- endurance-and-stamina
  • Eat carbohydrate Foods

As earlier written, to increase Endurance and stamina means that increase in energy will be required. The kind of foods that give much of energy to the body are Carbohydrates. Before running, make sure you consume carbohydrate foods so that the energy produced will give you a longer running exercise.

  • Make consistency a virtue

Don’t joke around with your training period, always ensure you are persistent with your running exercise so that your endurance and stamina will be enhanced. It is excellent to exercise 4 to 5 times per week and increase the distance covered in one of the sessions.  

  • Monitor the distance and time

Time and distance are the two aspects you should put into consideration. The time you cover a particular distance will tell you whether you are making progress or not. For example, if ‘A’ distance is covered at 9 sec, try and cover the same ‘A’ distance at 5 sec. This approach will ensure a steady and fast increase in endurance and stamina, but note that this should be done at a sustainable and slow pace.    

  • Higher pace run and Recovery

 This kind of run is to be different from your usual kind of run, it is done at a higher pace than which you normally train. Some of the advantages of this kind of run is that it clears lactic acid from your bloodstream and also, you will run for a longer period of time.

Increase in Endurance and Stamina is guaranteed if the recovery section of the exercise is well observed, it involves eating a good food (not junk), stretching out yourself and finally having a good sleep.

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